Peach Fronted Conure


The Peach Fronted Conure has a green upper body, with a grey-green breast and lighter lime green coloring on the belly. The forehead and centre of the crown are bright orange with blue on the sides of the crown surrounding the eyes. The rest of the head is green. The tail is green with blue tips, and the wings green with black tips. The black beak of the Peach Fronted Conure distinguish it from the Orange Fronted and Half Moon conures.


Peach Fronted Conure For Sale (Eupsittula aurea)


  • Size: 10 inches
  • Weight: 105 grams
  • Lifespan: 25-30 years
  • Minimum Cage Size: 24 x 24 x 36 inches

Characteristics: The Peach Fronted Conure has a sweet disposition, it is cuddly and playful by nature, and makes a lovely pet. As they are rather quiet by conure standards, they are ideal for apartment dwellers or those not partial to the raucous nature of other types of conures.


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