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Your AMAZINGCONURES order can travel a long way to reach you. They are quite fragile and need peace and calm once they arrive at their new home. 

Place them in a cage separate from their new home, in a warm environment (72 – 80 Degrees), with their cage partially covered (leave a corner open for them). This will give them some isolated time to acclimate for a few days before integrating them into their new home. Putting them in an area where they can interact with their new cage mates from afar allows them to get to know each other before they are completely integrated. Once they are integrated, be sure to watch them carefully for any signs of aggression. If aggression is noted, be prepared to separate them accordingly. 

Make sure they have plenty of food and water in open containers! This ensures they will find their food and water sources immediately while in transition. 

Electrolytes & Vitamins are included with your order to help destress and re-hydrate your bird(s). Provide this mixture for 3 – 5 days (follow instructions) from their arrival.

Nutrition: Please follow the diet for your pet bird which is in the description section of each bird on our website. This is extremely important! Familiarize yourself and have on hand any dietary needs prior to receiving your order. We highly recommend purchasing the appropriate seed for your birds from The Finch Farm as it is what they’re used to on a daily basis.  

Keep birds away from drafts: They should not be around any extremes whether hot or cold  

Keep initial temperature of their environment no cooler than 72 degrees (80 degree enviornments are encourged for several days). If they are “fluffy” that is an indication they may be stressed, cold or not feeling well. 

Give them clean water every day. 

Their cage should be kept dust-free to keep mites away. Use Diaetmaceous Earth, a non-toxic, natural pest control on the bottom of cages, in nests, etc. to ensure a mite free environment.

Finches are not meant to be held for any extended time period. Over handling them will easily stress them out which can lead to illness and/or death.

Their environment should be peaceful with no loud noises or excessive arm / hand movements .

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